George Rogers Harris

Chairman & CEO

Pharos Foundation

George Rogers Harris is a visionary whose creative and critical thinking have informed his 35 year commitment to quality education for disadvantaged children. While his accomplishments are extensive, his passion for creating a more equitable education system in the United States defines his legacy of service and leadership.

George’s dedication to creating an education system where every child is given the opportunity to thrive is the driving force behind his work as CEO of the Pharos Foundation. George took the helm of the Foundation in 2013, with a mission to improve access to quality educational opportunities for at-risk and underserved students. The Pharos Foundation has awarded $15 million to organizations in Arizona, working with nonprofit, government, and education partners to fund innovative education strategies and develop key education leaders.

A New Jersey native, George is a graduate of Princeton University, University of Virginia Law School J.D; NYU Law School, Master in Taxation. He ran a thriving law practice for many years while also volunteering his time and talents to work in civic and corporate leadership. He was trustee and Chair of the Montclair Kimberley Academy, one of New Jersey’s largest private K-12 schools, and trustee of the Teton Science School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

His time as trustee of the Schumann Fund for New Jersey solidified his commitment to education excellence. He was a director of Excellent Education for Everyone. He created and ran the New Jersey Institute for School Innovation, and was chairman of the Jackson Hole Institute and the Coalition for Educational Freedom.

George began his law career with the United States Air Force in the Office of Judge Advocate General. After clerking for Federal Judge Reynier Wortendyke, Jr., he practiced law, becoming senior partner, specializing in trust and estate law before becoming senior partner with Harris-Dickson, Attorneys-at-law, until his retirement in 1998. He was Chair of the Montclair Foundation from l978-2002. During his time in New Jersey, George also served as trustee of the Montclair Art Museum and director of Chemical Bank New Jersey, N.A., as well as director of GWC Health, Inc.

George currently lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his wife Suzanne. They have three children and are the proud grandparents of seven grandchildren.